"Thanks to the reforms implemented in the country and my constant personal support, a new economic environment has been actively developing in the country. You have become business leaders thanks to the reforms, stability and state support. It is time for you to work seriously for the economy of the country that raised you all, to engage fully in solving social problems. And it is time for the government to seriously cooperate with domestic business".

«First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev.»


Kuziyev Dilmurat Pirmuhamedovich graduated from Kazakh Polytechnic Institute (now Kazakh Technical University) in 1975 with a degree in "Non-ferrous metallurgy" and in the same year as a young specialist was sent to the production association "Remstroytehnika", where he began his career as a senior engineer-technologist.

In 1978 he was appointed head of workshop, then head of pipe production, since 1985 he was appointed head of department of supervised installation works and in the same year he was appointed Deputy General Director of the Association. On all these positions Kuziev D.P. proved to be a specialist with creative approach to the assigned area of work. He was distinguished by his informal approach to any business. As a young professional, Kuziev D.P., in order to fully learn the work undertaken, independently passed all areas of production, acquiring professional knowledge with the help of colleagues, mentors, applying theoretical knowledge gained at the Institute, in practice. He studied production technology in a short period of time and gained professional experience, which contributed to his further qualification growth.

In 1987, the management of the association recommended him for the post of director of the Pressure Pipe Plant, which was being built under Kuziyev's leadership. The desire for the latest technologies, advanced management methods and, most importantly, strategic thinking, inherent in Kuziev D.P., formed the basis of all undertakings of the Pressure Pipe Plant, which in 1989 was the first to operate independently on a lease basis, i.e. on a full cost recovery basis.

In 1991, the plant was one of the first in the Republic of Kazakhstan to undergo privatisation, transforming itself into Joint Stock Company "BENT". The confirmation of the correctness of the path chosen by Kuziyev is that today BENT JSC is one of the flagships of Kazakhstani production, an enterprise that has achieved world recognition.

Now BENT LLP is a network of enterprises with a self-supporting network of structural subdivisions: a complex reinforced concrete structures plant, a poultry farm, a poultry factory, a meat processing plant and a pond farm.
Over the whole period of its operation, the company has not reduced its production and economic indicators, a credit to which is due to D.A. Kuziyev, its irreplaceable first head. Characteristic of the president of JSC BENT is his sincere attitude to people, from the head of a structural unit to the worker. Care for people, their social status and working conditions is the basis of a stable and qualified staff of engineers, technicians and workers, whose total number is over 2,500.

The production activity of Dilmurat Pirmukhamedovich Kuziev was recognized and appreciated by the leadership of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the world community. D.P. Kuziev was awarded with the Certificate of Honour of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (1985); the Orders: October Revolution, "Kurmet"; medals of the KazSSR, medals of the RK: "Astana", "Yeren eenbegi ushin". In 2000 he was acknowledged as "Man of Year" of the Republic of Kazakhstan from Almaty region, by the Union of Builders and Construction Industry Development Fund of the RK he was listed among the outstanding production workers-constructors who contributed greatly to the development of the national production. In 2001 at the national competition of the entrepreneurs he was called "The Best Entrepreneur of the 10th year" and was awarded a special award of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Honorary citizen of Iliyskiy, Enbekshikazakhskiy, Zharkent district of Almaty region. In 2011 at the Oxford Summit (UK) of business, science, art leaders of the European Business Assembly (EBA) and the Club of Rectors of Europe (CRE) the joint-stock company "BENT" was recognized as one of the fastest growing businesses in Europe, and its head Kuziev DP was awarded the international award of Queen Victoria - "For Honour and Dignity".


A club of patrons of the arts.

In the opinion of D.P. Kuziyev, President of BENT LLP, in modern conditions socially responsible business becomes a requirement of time, a duty, a life principle.

On the initiative of the President of "Firm "BENT" Kuziev D.P. in 1992 republican public fund "Republican association of manufacturers, businessmen and agricultural workers" was created to support the policy of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev.

In 2000 in response to the appeal of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the country's Entrepreneurs to support the creative intelligentsia under the Association of Industrialists, Entrepreneurs and Agricultural Workers the Maecenas Club was established.


Ilham Award.

The Maecenas Club has established the Ilham Independent Award, which is awarded for the contribution to the development of culture, art, literature, etc. The main objective of this award is to support the creative intelligentsia, directing their activities towards the development, preservation of the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan, strengthening the traditions of succession of generations, and enriching the national treasure house of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the past period, the "Ilham" prize winners were people of different nationalities who have made their significant contribution, and now continue to work for the benefit of the people of Kazakhstan. Among the laureates are names of well-known and respected people such as Kaidarov A. K., Myrzaliyev E. M., Dolkun Yasin, Nasyrov M., Akhmadieva D. M., Shamiev Y. A., Azat Akimbek, Ashim Kurban, and many others.
In accordance with the Statute, the "Ilham Award" is awarded in eight categories: "Science", "Literature", "Education", "Fine Arts", "Sports", "Music", "Theatre" and "For an Invaluable Contribution to Strengthening Peace, Interethnic and Interfaith Harmony". The nomination "For Invaluable Contribution to Strengthening Peace, Interethnic and Interfaith Harmony" was established for the first time and is in line with the current times, when Kazakhstan has become known to the world as a peace-loving state with a developed economy and stable development along the path of peace and creation.


Since 1991, when BENT JSC was founded, the company headed by its first head has been providing charity support to spiritual associations, educational institutions and cultural centres. 9 mosques in Almaty region, Uigur Drama Theater and Culture Museum in Almaty were built with the participation of BENT JSC during this time. Dilmurat Pirmukhamedovich always considered an integral part of his life, work and duty to help needy people and disadvantaged, not to pass by the call for help. D.Kuziev was born and brought up in a family where with the milk of the mother, children absorbed as a law of life, respect for the elder, love for the younger, to share a piece of bread with needy. Schools, low-income families, orphans and children with disabilities are the objects of constant care of the Kuzievs. Mosques, church and old people's home in Almaty region have been reconstructed and capitally repaired or built and handed over on a turnkey basis at the expense of the family. The Kuziyevs can be proud that they have given the opportunity to a good ten talented young people from low-income families to get higher education.

The Kuziyevs' funds have been used to hold dozens of charity events, to provide assistance to charitable foundations, targeted assistance to specific poor families, adults and children with disabilities, governmental organisations and public foundations, religious associations, schools and kindergartens. Kuziyev has found help at St. Sergius Church, the "Living Fairy Tale" children's zoo, and public women's organizations. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War and the home front, orphanages and shelters, aksakals (elder statesman) from different districts of Almaty oblast are never neglected.

Kuziyev's name is familiar to many workers from various spheres of activity - production, science, art, culture and education. Because any event, whether it is a subbotnik on cleaning or a month of landscaping, or ceremonial events on the occasion of holidays, sports tournaments do not do without financial help and support of "BENT" LLP and most of it from personal funds of D.P.Kuziyev.

In 1998, an educational college of language and translation was established in the Turksib district of Almaty named after Kuziev Pirmukhamed-Hajji (head of the Kuziev family). During the period from 2001 to 2005 260 graduates from all over Kazakhstan got education with the diploma of established form in this college. At present children from all over Kazakhstan study there.

Regular support is provided to orphanages, schools, sports and social institutions in Almaty and the Almaty region.