Our advantage and distinction from other manufacturers of autoclaved aerated concrete is as follows:

In the production of autoclaved aerated concrete we use only high quality materials. All materials are checked for quality certificates and always pass incoming inspection by our laboratory. For example, we only use Heidelberg Cement PC500D0, while other manufacturers use PC400D0 or refuse to use it at all. This leads to an increase in the cost of the finished product, but allows us to achieve the maximum strength of the autoclaved aerated concrete produced, which is so necessary for customers.

We comply with all requirements for autoclaved aerated concrete technology, maintain a full production cycle, which provides precise geometric dimensions, high strength, thermal conductivity and water resistance of aerated concrete.

The technological process is fully automated and computerised, which allows to practically exclude the human factor.
The technological production line includes the latest 2021 equipment from the world's leading manufacturer.

Project website: avtoklav.kz